Cops searching for alleged serial killer

September 21, 2021

Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey says that the police will be seeking to locate the man who took to popular video sharing site TikTok on Sunday claiming to be a serial killer.

In the video, the man, who only identified himself as Chadwick, says that he has already killed 24 women, and that he enjoys doing so.

The man has so far posted two videos. In the second one, he stated his intention to kidnap and murder one woman on a live video on Saturday, October 2. When contacted by THE STAR yesterday, Bailey said there will be an investigation into the man's claims to ascertain his true intentions.

"The police have been made aware of the matter and will be taking the steps to find this man," he said. Meanwhile, forensic psychiatrist Dr Clayton Sewell of the University of the West Indies, Mona, says that people who exhibit such behaviour require serious professional help.

"A claim of being a serial killer, whether genuine or attention seeking, suggests an underlying psychological or issue and warrants some professional intervention," he said.

Sewell also stated that while people claiming to be serial killers is not a new phenomenon, the ability to distinguish the authenticity of the claims has been made more difficult with the invention of social media.

"Additionally, popular movies featuring serial killers may be followed by persons making such claims," he said. "Any attention paid to such posts should be driven by police intelligence and not the mere claim. Bearing in mind that the typical profile of a serial killer is that they tend to be callous and unemotional, lack remorse, have poor social skills, impulsivity and (are) sensation seeking. Serial killers tend to be habitual in their behaviour and generally do not engage in a myriad of criminal offences once they have developed into killers as other activities carry less thrill."

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