Education ministry maintaining stance on discouraging student lockout at schools

September 29, 2022
Minister of Education and Youth, Hon. Fayval Williams, speaking during Wednesday’s (September 28) Post-Cabinet Press Briefing at Jamaica House. Contributed photo

The Ministry of Education and Youth is maintaining that teachers and administrators should not deny students entry to school as a form of disciplinary action for infractions deemed in breach of established rules.

“Schools are not allowed to do that. There are too many risks associated with that. Once a student steps on the school compound, we act in the place of parents. I’ve consistently said that there should not be any locking out, whatsoever, of our students from school,” Portfolio Minister, Hon. Fayval Williams, has emphasised.

She was speaking during Wednesday’s (September 28) Post-Cabinet Press Briefing at Jamaica House.

Meanwhile, Mrs Williams said the Ministry will continue to advocate for student adherence to school rules, in order to maintain order and discipline among the youngsters. 

She noted that schools are ideal places to teach students the importance of obeying established rules.

Mrs Williams noted that “[while] we oftentimes shake our heads about the disorder that exists in our society… we are all responsible for that disorder, in terms of some of the decisions we make on a day-by-day basis”.

Against this background, she encourages well-thinking citizens “to consciously think what it is that you will be doing to make sure that law and order is maintained in our schools, and country as a whole.”

Mrs Williams also called for greater interventions that will aid in increasing participation in Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA).

“In those cases where PTA meetings are not working, let’s work on getting [those to work] at schools which [have low participation]. That is what we should be putting our energies [into], in terms of working through issues and disagreements that we may have,” she said.


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