Her babyfather wants me out of the picture

July 29, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I met a woman in the year 2000. She said that she fell in love with me the moment that she saw me. It was love at first sight. She is a nurse and she has two children. These children are very smart, so whenever I visit this woman, I spend a short period of time and then leave.

The children's father found out that I am seeing this woman. He used to give her enough money to help her with the rent, but since I started to move around her, he has cut back on the amount that he gives her. He believes that a man is sleeping at the house, but Pastor, I have never slept at her house, not even for a night. He also told her that she is going to bed with me so I am the one who should be paying her rent. The children's father is doing everything now to get back with her but she is not interested. I love this woman and I want to marry her. I am a little younger, but that does not bother me.


Dear J.,

This young woman says that she loves you and evidently you love her. You don't have any dealing with her children's father. Both of you are adults, so operate like adults.

You should, from time to time, help this woman with the rent because you know what this man is doing to punish her. Don't be in a hurry to marry her until you are fully convinced that she is not using you. Make sure you are respectful to her children. Be a real man to them, treat them right and treat this woman right as well.


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